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Meet the team


Andre Bronkhorst

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I’ve been a fitness professional for 3 years now and also have a rich history as a former pro and semi-pro footballer. With this combination you now get a coach with the knowledge to help you navigate your health and fitness needs.

This has led me to focus on the businesspersons and footballers who want maintain a prolonged leadership capacity through stewardship of their health and fitness. My secret sauce? High Intensity Training that yield fat loss, muscle strength, muscle endurance and improved lung capacity rewards.

Let me help you tackle difficult tasks in the gym early in your day so that everything else is a breeze from that point on.


Marc Maizey Hamsey

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Weight loss / muscle gain / toning / functional training / calisthenics / Parkour / animal flow and Primal movement / HIIT and circuit training / boxing / muay thai / combat training / inversion training (handstands and hand balancing) “ we are all kinetic beings, and to be stagnant is to go against your nature itself, embrace your nature, embrace movement”


Devon Marshbank

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I’ve been in fitness my entire life.
I became a Personal Trainer 10 years ago and was a fitness instructor at Switch Playground.
I’ve also been a Professional Dancer/Performer for over 20 years.
With the combination of fitness and dance I’ve been able to help people unlock strength levels and flexibility, they never imagined they would have.
It’s so rewarding, watching my clients reach goals they never thought were possible, seeing them happy and enjoying their training.
I specialise in Weight Training, Body Weight Training, Stretch Training & Recovery.
Work hard, be consistent and have fun on your journey.


Shakir Galiem

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I specialise in personalised fitness training. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years and been a personal trainer for 5 of those years. I specialise in muscle building and weight loss. Along with this, I have expertise in boxing fundamentals. Let’s Get you summer ready and give you that perfect beach body. Your needs are my concern.

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Mark Dupreez

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With over 7 years of fitness experience and a passion for transforming lives, I believe in a holistic approach to your wellness.  I'm here to ignite your wellness journey and unlock your full potential. It all starts with a decision  Focusing on resistance training, weight loss journeys, and overall wellbeing through mindful movement, lets work together on bringing the best version of you to life.

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Tommy Meck

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Professional and amateur boxing coach. I’m a former boxer with numerous wins under my belt. I have the knowledge to get you into the ring and to become a champ  male or female. I also specialize in muscle gain and weight loss, what’s your excuse not to get in shape…so let’s do it!


Christie-Lee Mauerberger

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Affectionately known as Coco, your dedicated personal trainer at My Gym. Certified by HFPA and backed by over 4 years of experience in the fitness industry, Coco is passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether it's shedding fat, building muscle, or enhancing overall well-being. Coco is committed to guiding you on your journey to success. With Coco by your side every step of the way, you can trust that your transformation will be achieved safely and effectively. Drawing from her own knowledge, experiences, including overcoming open heart surgery to competing on stage 5 months later. Coco provides unwavering support and guidance to empower you to unleash your full potential and discover the best version of yourself. Are you ready to redefine what’s possible? Start your transformation today with Coco leading the way.”


Molly Blue

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I have been actively training for more than 8 years now, and I've experimented and tested most things on my own body to see what impact it can have, which finally led me to finding the things I enjoy the most. I got my qualification back in 2020 and I've been actively working in the fitness industry since then.  I focus on bodyweight training, resistance training, weight loss, and the importance of flexibility and mobility which leads to a general increase in the quality of your lifestyle.   At the end of the day, it's all about finding something that's sustainable, not a quick fix.


Neil Winstanely

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I havea background as a former professional soccer player for the likes of Chiefs, Sundowns and Bafana Bafana, I bring a unique blend of athletic prowess and fitness expertise to our journey.  Having transitioned from the soccer field to the world of fitness, I've channeled my passion for performance into helping others achieve their body transformation goals. This goes beyond just workouts – it's about crafting a lifestyle that embraces fitness.  Drawing on my experience in both high-performance sports and fitness training, I've honed a personalized approach tailored to your individual needs. I believe that fitness should be both dynamic as well as enjoyable.  Whether you're a beginner, or already know your way around the gym, my goal is to inspire and guide you toward achieving your fitness goals. So if you’re keen to break a sweat, laugh through lunges, and celebrate the victories – big and small, give me a shout and let’s sculpt the best version of you.


Kelly Winstanely

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Fuelled by a passion for fitness and a dash of badassery, I am definitely not your average personal trainer. With 7 years of experience sculpting bodies and transforming lives, I bring a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and grit to every workout session.  From grueling HIIT circuits and mastering the perfect deadlift, to competing in a pro rules boxing match and raising a little boy (the toughest workout of all) - I've been there, done that, and then some.   My mission is to unleash your inner warrior, push you past your limits, and help you conquer your fitness goals like a boss. Whether you're new to fitness, took sometime off and are keen to get back at it, or just looking for a new challenge - I've got your back.  Specialising in  - weight loss and toning - pre and post natal  - strength and conditioning  - boxing (all levels) - group and private sessions

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Personal Trainer at MyGym   Marley who had a passion of golf never thought one day will be a boxing/ personal trainer coach thanks to an old dear friend.  He has a positive mental attitude and his training style is encouraging and motivational   He also believe that boxing gives us self-discipline and the confidence to succeed in life Contact me for a free session


                                +27 73 772 8367 



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My name is Abdul and I am your Personal trainer,  dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their fitness goals and valuing their individuality.   which embodies empowerment, body positivity, and self-care.  My utmost passion revolves around enhancing the health, well-being, and overall quality of life for my clients. I accomplish this by crafting personalized training programs and organizing engaging online challenges.  These top-tier training programs incorporate innovative methods in exercise science, cardiovascular fitness, and strength training.



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Specialise In  Weigh Loss Muscle / Weight Gain Strength and Hypertrophy Training  Photoshoot and Contest Prep Specialised Nutrition Certified  Services:  1 on 1 Personal Training  Based at MyGym Cape Town Package comes with personalised meal plan and supplementation protocol based on your goals and constructed accordingly to your initial assessment data    Online Coaching Online Coaching comprises of a fully customised diet and training plan with training app access tailored for you. Customised to suit your goals, lifestyle and body type. Here you will have 24/7 WhatsApp access, constant check-ins, weekly diet and training changes if required or deemed necessary . These changes will be result dependent and implemented weekly to ensure constant progression. Changes and updates upon request. Training programs completely app based with clear exercise instructions and gif illustrations  It’s like having me in your pocket 😁  Personalised Meal Prep We offer personalised meal preps that are we delivered to you.


Looqmaan Hassen

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Name - Looqmaan Hassen  With having the experience for 4-5 years of experience in the fitness industry. A background of playing sports at a high level in Provincial / SA colours made Looqmaan love the sports world and want to take it to the next level with different athletes to make them perform and be a out-stand athlete.  As well being in the fitness world Looqmaan loves group instructing taking on multiple classes to motivate , help clients reach their goal in classes making them “stronger than they can imagine”. Opening and being part of major fitness boutiques in and around Cape Town.  Specialised to train high performance athletes , conditioning training , boxing , Muay Thai and group instructing.   Favourite quote …. “You are stronger than you can imagine” - reminder to always become the best version of yourself and let’s work this together !!! 


Tevin Naicker

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I've been in and around the fitness industry since the age of 16. 

I am driven by a genuine enthusiasm, and passion for what I do! I utilize the knowledge acquired throughout my journey as a fitness enthusiast turned fitness professional. All my resources are geared towards making sure my clients are on the right path- physically, and mentally, to achieving their fitness goals.

My primary objective as your trainer is to  implement the fundamentals of resistance and aerobic training. Once learned,  guide the dynamic process of training cycles to help correct any postural imbalances, improve muscular strength and lose excess bodyfat. The result is golden. Improved confidence, capability and aesthetics. 

"When we look good, we feel good. When  we feel good, we do good."

Let's do good  🔱

Contact me: 082 863 0729 

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